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McCurdy Rail Services, LLC is a supplier of track materials, a distributor for GE LEDs for crossing, wayside and transit applications, and a Department of Transportation Certified DBE, MBE and SBE. We specialize in providing quality products through direct relationships with suppliers who also place high value on quality, customer service and long- term commitment. MRAIL-affiliated offshore manufacturers are ISO-9001 compliant and produce products in accordance with AAR and AREMA standards and specifications.

MRAIL’s product portfolio is diverse and continues to grow through customer collaboration. We work directly with clients to develop and provide a supply chain management system that is customized to specific needs and efficiencies. The end result is a production and distribution strategy that is cost effective and service oriented.

We have a 10,500 sq. ft. warehouse in the Metro Atlanta Area and carry inventory on specific products.

McCurdy Leadership

Jerry Hines & Deborah McCurdy at Railway Interchange

Jerry Hines & Mark Swartz preparing for a meeting

Deborah McCurdy

Deborah McCurdy is President and Owner of McCurdy Rail Services, LLC. She began her career in 1993 at Orgo-Thermit, Inc. as a sales representative for FAB-RA-CAST grade crossing components. She advanced within the company to serve on its Board of Directors as Secretary and Chief Sales Officer, as well as various positions within Communications, Sales, Global Marketing and Contract Welding. Deborah also worked for YSD Industries under the management of Global Railway, as Director of Marketing prior to starting MRAIL Services.

Deborah is a member and corporate sponsor of the League of Railway Industry Women. She served as its 1st Vice President and Midwest Regional Director.

Jerry Hines
VP- Business Development

Jerry Hines is Vice President of Business Development for MRAIL Services. Jerry began his career in the railway supply industry in 1970 employed as a factory worker making rail anchors and spike mauls. It was three years later that he followed in his father’s footsteps at Unit Rail Anchor as a Field Service Representative. He later became Eastern Regional Sales Manager and eventually moved to Chicago to take over the position of National Sales Manager. In 1983, he accepted the position of Sales Manager for U.S. Thermit – currently Orgo-Thermit, Inc. – and became its President in 1992. He was President of REMSA in 1993 and served its Board of Directors for ten years.

Jerry went on to work in various management positions with Norfast, YSD Industries, Greenbrier Companies and Stanley Hydraulic Tools.

Jerry has been supporting the industry for 43 years and has been a member of Oakmont Country Club since 1988.

Mark Swartz
VP- Western Regional Sales

Mark Swartz is Vice President – Western Regional Sales for MRAIL Services. Mark began his career in 1978 working as a Sales Representative for Unit Rail Anchor. He transferred his sales experience to Orgo-Thermit, Inc., in Manchester, NJ where he was employed for 20 years. Mark has since worked for Railtech Boutet and Roadway Worker Services. Mark comes to us with a tremendous amount of industry experience and is an asset to our team.

McCurdy Rail Services LLC is a Railway Materials & Equipment Supplier, proudly offering our expertise to clients Nationwide

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